Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Beast War Sex Mpegs

I just wanted to be in a position to see the look on her face as I unpacked some of the clothing I had picked out on some the shopping sprees Linda and I went on. We always spent a lot of money on the fanciest and daringest out fits we could find. The bigger my cleavage got the more daring the outfits got.

"What a vagina!" cried Mark. "Why is your pussy that big? I could get my fist in there."

None of the girls noticed that Tony had his camera running, videotaping every bit of the married ladies' strip tease. His camera followed each of them, zooming in close on their jiggling tits.

"I know, but I don't want to get off the phone."

He laughed because she sounded like a little girl. He told her, "You'll have to wait ML! But I know you will love it! Now go do what I told you."

"Do you fear me young man? Have I not been hospitable?"

"Listen," Anthony added, "No hard feelings about that bachelor party right? I mean, it was all in good fun."

But he paused. Shelley waited, expecting to feel his mouth pressed up against her wet vaginal opening, longing for his tongue to penetrate her slick slippery hole. The quiet anticipation in the darkness of this strange man's actions was almost unbearable. Why was he waiting? 'Oh Please!', she thought and moaned quietly once in frustration.

I asked the girl at the front desk where the hot rock n roll clubs were around town. After writing them down I took a long bubble bath making sure everything was shaved and smooth for my night out. Then I dressed in my new turquoise mini dress with thigh high stockings and matching turquoise come fuck me pumps. Looking in the mirror I had to admire what I saw, not too bad at all, a tall voluptuous strawberry blonde looking back at me. This could very well turn out to be a very good birthday after all!!

A tiny red spot appeared at the bottom of the display, holding constant against the stormy background. It grew until it was as big as a bug, then began moving slowly up the screen. Jennifer's eyes followed.

“What do you mean?”

When they were both naked, Lucas sat on the edge. He spread his legs open wide and positioned her on her knees between his thighs.

"Thank you, My Lady. Whatever pleases you."

I got back into doggie-style, listening as Duane opened the lube.

"And so...he offered to give you a massage?" I interjected.

"Want to come over here?" Matt suggested hopefully.

As her lips encircled his swollen cock he felt a moan escape him. As luck would have it, right at that moment, a flight attendant happened to be passing. She leaned toward him and asked if everything was alright. He managed to croak out that yes, it was just a dream. He could just make out her teeth in the dim light as she smiled and said, "a dream huh?" as her eyes moved to his lap. He looked up at the flight attendant as his secret lover's mouth sucked deeply on him. The flight attendant smiled even broader and said... "Well sir, I see you are enjoying the flight." and then she moved away.

"Are you serious," he asked.

As Linda walked away from the men, they watched her bare ass cheeks rise and fall, jiggling and shaking as they did. "I'm sure they're enjoying your ass cheeks," Ron commented. Linda could only blush and keep walking.

"I'm Erin," Erin said trying to communicate with these strange men.